Addictions can come in many forms. People might be addicted to alcohol or drugs including prescription drugs or a person might be addicted to gambling, shopping or sex. The first step to treating an addiction is recognizing that it exists. Some of the symptoms of addiction include the following:

  • Unable to meet responsibilities at home, school or work.
  • Continue to use substances or engage in behavior even when it is dangerous.
  • The need increases to engage in behavior or use more of a substance to achieve the same effect or feeling.
  • Have tried but failed to stop using the substance or end the behavior.
  • Continued to engage in the behavior or use the substances even when one is aware of the dangers.

In therapy together we can figure out if you are struggling with an addiction, work on making changes if you have an addiction, or we can deepen your recovery work.

I work with both abstinence and harm reduction methods to help you to meet and maintain your goals. Perhaps you have been clean and sober for a long time and would like to deepen your recovery work. Or you come from a harm reduction approach and want some help maintaining your goals. I can work with you wherever you are in the process.

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